Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: April Week 2

After my complete meltdown the week before last, the newfound resolve I had last Monday stuck throughout the week and I am back to myself. I went to my weigh in on Thursday and I was up half a pound which I happily took. I hadn't been in two weeks, and in that 2 weeks my trip to Bruges and a week off plan happened. So I am pretty sure my great week last week had an effect on my weight. It did still leave me half a pound above goal but I am not concerned about it. 

I will be continuing my plan to not have 'treats' daily midweek, and will be trying to keep these to the weekend. It means I can spend more SmartPoints on real food so I don't feel like I am deprived. I had been coming home hungry and then absentmindedly picking while cooking dinner. Today I had some melba toast (my new favourite find, 2sp for 6 little crackers!!) with some cottage cheese at around 4pm. And I actually came home and didn't even start dinner straight away because I wasn't hungry yet. 

Another thing I have been feeling the past few weeks in exhaustion. When I was in Bruges, it took 3 days before I felt fully relaxed, and if I'm honest its like a distant memory now. Work is really tough at the moment and I have a lot of stress going on in the rest of my life. I am being really hard on myself and just not allowing myself to be tired. I feel guilty doing nothing at the weekend, so I don't get to enjoy the relaxation enough. My weight watchers class is not exactly convenient for me. I joined because it suited my sister, but when she went back to slimming world I liked the class so much I wanted to stick to it. I don't get home until 9pm on the nights after weigh in. So I have decided I am going to stop going to class every week for the time being. 

As a gold member I shouldn't have to weigh in weekly, and I need to be sure I can keep on top of things without the weekly weigh in. I will be keeping a close eye on things on my home scales too and if it's not working out for me I will be straight back to classes every week. I am going to go at least once a month but aiming for twice a month. 

On Sunday I was meant to run the Great Ireland Run, but last weekend I injured what I believe is my hamstring. I gave myself the week off running and decided to try again on Saturday. If it went ok I could do the 10k, and if not then I had to skip it. Unfortunately there was still some discomfort on Saturday so I gave it a miss. I am so disappointed but I know it is for the best. I feel completely at a loss not being able to run. I miss it so much and can't wait to get back out. I tested the waters a bit today and I am going to try again in the morning. I will be listening to my body though and not pushing it if its not able. If I can get back to it this week, I'll need to find a replacement race for my April race - so if anyone has suggestions let me know. 

Keeping things simple this week and going back to a few tried and tested recipes. Links for some are below

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